The Comicverse #5

THE COMICVERSE #5: LIVE LIKE YOU’RE DYING is the latest issue from Comicverse creators Steve Peters and Bianca Alu-Marr. The Comicverse is a sci-fi comedy about a comic book shop on a space station. At the end of the last issue of The Comicverse, our heroes were returning home after a harrowing ordeal. Issue 5 picks up right where that story left off, with the Comicverse gang arriving and looking for some much needed rest and relaxation.
However, they soon discover that their adventure is far from over. Due to a shocking sci-fi twist, the C-versers discover that it is very likely that they only have 24 hours to live! They set off to live out what could be their final hours to the fullest.
At 72 pages, The Comicverse #5 is the longest issue to date. This new issue is an examination of the fragility of life. We live out our existences never knowing what our appointed hour is, and death can often come unexpectedly. Though this is a poignant tale, it is no somber meditation on mortality. The C-verse characters handle their situation with grace and humor, and they discover new facets of themselves and each other along the way. Ultimately, The Comicverse #5: Live Like You’re Dying is a celebration of life.
Here’s a review of The Comicverse #5 from one of our readers who backed the new issue during its Kickstarter campaign.It means a lot to us…we’ve been plugging away for 7 years now with little feedback. People don’t write letters anymore, so we’ve never had a letters column. It’s reviews like this by people who get it, that come every few years from folks like Adam McGovern and Chris Galvan, that really help keep us going!
I recently received the latest issue of Steve Peters’ and Bianca Alu-Marr’s Comicverse (#5) and eagerly devoured it this morning.
Comicverse is a romantic-comedy set in a comic shop on a space station. There are two main story threads. The budding romance of Rei, the proprietor of the shop, and Aki, a cargo ship pilot, appears to be the heart of the book, while the unfolding mystery of the origin of Rei’s pet/friend dragon drives the series overarching plot.
For all of its “inside comics” references and science fiction pretensions, this is a comic that celebrates the quiet moments in life, the seemingly inconsequential. It’s humor is gentle, warm, and character driven. Simple, clean illustrations belie Peters’ characters’ subtly emotive expressions and body-language. Alu-Marr’s dialogue is natural and she handles the many voices of the diverse cast well.
This issue was surprisingly touching and bittersweet. I was taken somewhat aback by how effective and affecting it was. Comicverse just keeps getting better.

[Read “Live Like You’re Dying” on the Comicverse blog]

The Comicverse #5, published by Awakening Comics, March 2017.
Black and white, manga-size, 72 pages.

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