The Comicverse #3

Cover_Front CV 3

The Comicverse #3 is an exciting step for us in our development of the series. The main story, “Earth”, is our longest piece to date, and it features several firsts: the first date between main characters Rei and Aki, the first time Ying has ever met another dragon besides himself, shedding some light on the role of dragons in the Comicverse universe, the first view of the Comicverse space station’s ecological ring, which has some interesting and humorous features, our first-ever wordless story in a short piece called “Air”, which shows what happens when the air is sucked out of the Comicverse into space—a very dangerous situation!—and our first guest appearance by a known comics creator.

Since The Comicverse is a celebration of all things comic book-related, we’d like to get people in the comic book industry involved , people who celebrate comics the way we do. That’s why we asked Fred Hembeck to do a commission page for us featuring the Comicverse characters.

We also wanted to use this opportunity support Fred by letting folks know that he still does commissions regularly, and has some very reasonably priced drawings of comic book characters for sale on eBay. His website is

[Read “Earth” on the Comicverse blog]

The Comicverse #3, published by Awakening Comics, May 2013.
Black and white, 32 pages.

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