Awakening Masterpieces #1


Some-other-dayAntron03-Rock-and-a-hard-place04-Battle-Cruiser00 BK's Men06-Hahaha

This is a reproduction of a comic about Micronauts toys that I drew in 1978, when I was about 10 or 11 years old.  It is in full color, is 48 pages; the current printing is square bound.

It is a very goofy comic, told from a child’s perspective; members of Micropolis Embassy, a Yahoo! Micronauts group, told me they enjoyed it very much.  Any Micronauts collector who had the toys back when they came out will probably get a kick out of this comic.  All your favorites in it: Space Glider, Force Commander, Biotron, Microtron, Galactic Defender, Galactic Warrior, Pharoid, Time Traveler, Baron Karza, Acroyear, Antron, Membros, Repto, Giant Acroyear, Astro Station, Battle Cruiser, Hornetroid, Gyrotron, Mobile Exploration Lab, and probably some others I can’t think of right now.

Fans of the Marvel Micronauts comic will notice I stole heavily from Bill Mantlo’s writing and Michael Golden’s art.  There are some original touches, too—I invented some new color schemes for some of the background characters, strangely foreshadowing the custom Micronauts I would create when I started collecting them again some 25 years later.  The “Shadow Soldiers” were Time Travelers whose heads I painted black in order to make them bad guys (probably inspired by the Lugomen from the Space Giants TV show).

Micronauts fans should also check out my comic Runner’s Paradox, which features the Kachinabots, characters inspired by Micronauts, as well as illustrations by Micronauts enthusiasts Michael Jaecks, Bryan Wilkinson, Will Jones, and Scott Elyard. I also offer a package deal of all the comics I’ve done that feature characters inspired by the Micronauts.

You can see more samples of the comic here.

Here’s eBay feedback I received for this item:

“An Absolute Must For All Micronaut Collectors. Thank You!”
Buyer: peacecat30

“Love the comic. Thank you.”
Buyer: puffedhell

“This is too cool. Thanks for making it available + the awesome original sketch!”
Buyer: resrvordog

“Comic was awesome! Service was fast and friendly. Highly Recommended!”
Buyer: scotbot

“Easy to deal with, thanks again!!!”
Buyer: wongkarwai

Awakening Masterpieces #1.
First Printing 2007 (Signed and numbered, 100 copies)
Second Printing Fall 2013, square bound.
By Steve Peters
48-Page full-color comic, Published by Awakening Comics


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