AWAKENING TIMES Volume 13, Number 1


Volume 13, Number 1
Spring 2013


CONTENTS: New Comicverse Kickstarter; Comicverse wins award; Comicverse at SPACE


Hello friends of Awakening!

I’ve been very lax in sending out the Awakening Times newsletter for the past year or two. A big part of this is that I’ve been relying more on my Facebook page and the Comicverse blog to get the word out on new projects. But let me assure you that things have been VERY busy here at Awakening!

The big news, first of all, is that I’ve just launched a new Kickstarter fundraiser drive to promote the latest issue of The Comicverse. It’s called “Comicverse #3: A Date, Two Dragons, and Fred Hembeck”! Bianca Alu-Marr and I are very proud of the way the new issue has turned out, and are thrilled to have Fred Hembeck on board as our first guest artist. We commissioned Fred to do a full-page story starring himself as one of the Comicverse aliens, giving a rambling monologue about Jack Kirby!

The Kickstarter will cover the cost of printing the issue, as well as Fred’s commission fee. We also wanted to give a shout-out to Fred in gratitude for his work for us by letting folks know that Fred is still very active selling drawings on eBay and doing commission work; you can get more infor at

As for the Kickstarter, we have loads of great pledge items available, starting at just $2. Every little bit helps! All of the comics that I’ve published in the last year and a half and have neglected to mention here in the newsletter are available as well. For the best value, try the Awakening Comics catch-up package for $25. It has pretty much everything published since November 2011.

Here’s a preview of “Earth” the main story of The Comicverse #3, on Facebook:

Here’s a link to the Kickstarter site:

—Steve Peters


In other big news, The Comicverse has won 3rd place in the annual SPACE Prize’s webcomic category. Steve went SPACE, in Columbus, Ohio on April 13-14, to accept the plaque for the award.

Photos from SPACE (on Facebook):

A ‘walkabout’ video giving a first-person perspective of SPACE (on YouTube):

A preview of a 3-page SPACE jam comic featuring Ying from the Comicverse (on Facebook):


Thanks to every one who has supported the Comicverse project, either in the past or with this current Kickstarter project!

Some relevant links:

Steve’s Facebook page:

The Comicverse blog (catch the weekly webcomic here):

Comicverse on Facebook:

Comicverse #3: A Date, Two Dragons, and Fred Hembeck! Kickstarter fundraiser:


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