AWAKENING COMICS with appearances by DAVE SIM

Collaborations between Steve Peters and Dave Sim

Awakening Comics #1 features a jam comic called “Circus of Heaven” with a jam panel drawn by Sim. Other participants include Paul Pope, Mark Oakley, Matt Feazell, Scott  Roberts, Steve Remen, Greg Hyland, Joe Chiappetta, Rick Veitch, James  Kochalka, Sam Henderson, Oscar Stern, Rob Walton, and Jimmy Gownley. 48 pages, $3.50

Awakening Comics #2 has two jam pages with Sim and Gerhard. The first shows what happens to Cerebus after his death in issue #300. The second is about Elephant Boy’s adventures seeking his guru in New York City, where he encounters Cerebus as Pope. 48 pages, #3.50

Everwinds: ‘Shrooms has a full-page jam with Sim. The heroes of the story take some magical mushrooms that transport them to other realities. One of them, Wapiti the elk, finds himself on the Moon having a conversation with the Judge from Cerebus, who starts turning into an elk. Also includes jams with Moebius and Terry LaBan. 48 pages, $4.00

The Origin of Sparky has a 4-page Sim/Peters jam which Sim has said was the first comic he drew after finishing Cerebus #300. Other jammers in this issue include Alex Robinson, Zander Cannon, Jimmy Gownley, Shannon Wheeler, Matt Feazell, Roberta Gregory, Jamar Nicholas, the Brothers Fraim,  Eric Battle and Jamal Igle. 32 pages, $3.00

Tails of Sparky #1 has one panel in a jam drawn by Sim, who also drew one of the 9 Sparkys on the cover. The others were drawn by Peters, Daniel Sponton, EJ Barnes, Lee Thacker, Eric Wilmoth, Max Ink, David Mack, and James Kochalka. Other jammers in this issue include Sergio Aragones, Tom Scioli, Greg Hyland, Matt Dembicki, Max Ink, Jay Hosler, Dale Martin, Jason Thompson, Bryan Kane, Lee Thacker, The Fraim Brothers, Wes Molebash, Zander Cannon, Paul Friedrich, Matt Feazell, Pam Bliss, Wally Crane, Scott Berwanger, Stan Yan, and Bryan Glass. 40 pages, $4.00

Comics by other Publishers:

Cerebus #146 includes Steve Peters’ first published comic book page, including Cerebus as Pope in the last panel. Signed by Sim and Peters. $5.00

Cerebus Readers In Crisis #4 has a cover by Sim; the cover story is about a correspondence between Sim and Peters over the years and a disastrous falling out between the two due to a misunderstanding. Signed, $5.00

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