Straw Man #10

This comic includes a 2-page Sparky jam with panels drawn by Steve Peters, Matt Dembicki, Pam Bliss, Jim Anderson, Suzanne Baumann, Ben T. Steckler, Nick Jones, Bill Knapp, Eric Wilmoth, Clint Basinger, Ray Tomczak, Jonathon Riddle, E.J. Barnes, David Branstetter, Max Ink, Mike Kitchen, and Blair Kitchen. There is also a 1-page Sparky appearance in one of the Straw Man stories by Branstetter.

It features work by Tom Scioli, Mike Kitchen, Richard Jenkins, Max Ink, Blair Kitchen, James Smith, Steve Peters, Brian Payne, & David Branstetter. Over 28 pages of completely never before seen material.

After the harrowing events of issue #9, Straw Man finds himself suddenly famous and with that all the problems that it can cause. “Has Been” a story told in three parts, is sandwiched between stories by indie comics top creators.

Straw Man #10, 64 Pages, Black & White, Cover Price $3.99


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