Kiss And Tell #3

KISS AND TELL #3 came out in 1997, is a 40-page full-size comic (actually slightly larger than standard comic size), has a cover price of $2.75, and was published by Patricia Breen.  The cover is by Steve Peters.

Says contributor Peters: “The comic consists of autobiographical stories written by Ms. Breen.  While she was working on it, she had a parting of ways with her artist, and I was asked to step in and finish the inking on the main story.  Patty’s now-husband, Arthur Mahlon, finished one of the other stories.

“Art and I collaborated on an illustration for the letters page.  It shows the inside of a bus, with the four Beatles (in the Magical Mystery Tour period).  Further back is the artist who left the project.  There’s a zipper down the length of his body; he’s unzipped himself and Art and I are popping out of his body.  Out of the back window of the bus, you can see the original artist crossing Abbey Road.  The inside of the bus, the Beatles and me were drawn by me.  Art drew himself and the scene outside the back window.

“I contributed a 1-page story called ‘When I Was Steven’ that appeared on the inside back cover.”

The book also included a 5-page Tranquility/Kiss And Tell jam written by Breen and illustrated by Steve Ellis.  Steve’s character Tranquility (co-created by Fred van Lente) meets up with Patty’s autobiographical character on Earth’s Moon Colony in “The post-historical future.”

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