Tails of Sparky #2.5

Steve Peters, whose experimentation with the comics includes the flip-book puzzle Awakening Comics #4 and the panel-a-day comic drawn over the course of a year, has come up with another new idea—the 48-Hour Comic.

TAILS OF SPARKY #2.5 builds on TAILS OF SPARKY #2, which was a 24-hour comic, and (unlike past Sparky books which were made up of short stories and jam comics) was Sparky’s first full-length story (not counting CHEMISTRY, which was more about creator Steve than Sparky).

The press release for the original comic reads as follows:

The idea for the story in TAILS OF SPARKY #2, which is entitled “Sparky’s Hollywood Ending”, appropriately enough came from an opportunity to make a Hollywood pitch. “A friend in the business was approached by a Hollywood studio,” says Peters; “they said they were interested in looking at comics and graphic novels, and asked him to send them ideas. Since my friend isn’t particularly interested in pitching to Hollywood, he asked other creators that he’s collaborated with if they’d be interested in pitching their own ideas, using him as a liaison. Since he worked on a Sparky story with me, he asked if I’d be interested in pitching a Sparky idea.

“I immediately had an idea for a story I could pitch, but was stuck for a while on how to propose it. All of the Sparky books published so far feature short, unrelated pieces; there’s no coherent narrative. So, I thought, ‘should I write an outline? A script?’ Eventually, I hit on the idea of doing a 24-hour comic which would tell the story I wanted to pitch. Since the story contains autobiographical elements, the Hollywood pitch naturally became part of it—hence the title.”

In the beginning of the comic, we see Sparky much as we’ve seen him before—bouncing from one short feature to another. This time, however, he’s become aware of his transitions from story to story, and he’s become fed up. His angel and devil selves split, as they’ve done occasionally in past Sparky comics, and the devil self eventually finds an evil mentor who shows him the way to the real world to take revenge on his creator, Steve, who is working on his Hollywood pitch. He kidnaps Steve’s love interest, Anna, and his evil mentor gives Steve 24 hours to capitulate to his demands, or Anna dies. Steve tries to defeat demon Sparky and his mentor by meeting them on their own turf, the only way he knows how—by creating a 24-hour comic. With Anna’s life on the line, the pressure’s on like with no other previous 24-hour comic to get the comic done in time!

Fast forward to 2 years later…

“I always felt the comic was incomplete, that there were scenes that I didn’t have time or space to draw”, says creator Steve, explaining how the two halves of TAILS OF SPARKY #2.5, created two years apart, come together.  “Eventually, I hit on the idea of doing a second 24-hour comic and merging it with the first, thus creating what could be called a 48-Hour comic. At a 24-Hour comic event at Atomic Comics in Philadelphia, I followed through with that idea.”  In the new comic, now called TAILS OF SPARKY #2.5, the desperate Steve buys time by traveling to the future and asking for help from a future version of himself, who is also in the process of creating another 24-hour comic.  So Steve gains an extra 24-hour comic, but all-new perils present themselves and put Anna’s life in even more danger…

TAILS OF SPARKY #2.5 is a B&W 48 page book.
Art and story by Steve Peters. Back cover jam by Dre Grigoropol and Steve Peters.
Published in February 2012 by Awakening Comics. $5.00

[Preview of Tails #2.5 on Facebook]

[Photos on Facebook of the creation of the first 24-hour comic]

[Photos on Facebook of the Atomic Comics event]

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