Cerebus Readers In Crisis #4

Awakening Home

Featured artist Steve Peters says: “The main feature of this issue is a story by me, entitled ‘Me Vs. Dave Sim’; it is the story of how I began corresponding with Dave Sim in the early ’90’s, and how we had a disastrous falling-out a few years later.

“My original idea for the cover was to do a parody of the cover of Fantastic Four #25, featuring the Thing Vs. Hulk, only with Dave’s head transplanted onto Hulk’s body and my head transplanted onto Thing’s.  This was an idea that I actually used in the story, but I didn’t have enough space to do the entire cover, just the two combatants.  Dave liked the idea, but said he knew that if he did it, he’d have to do it right, and that would take several days, which he just didn’t have time for.

“He suggested I send him a picture of myself, and that I could do the background.  So, I selected a picture with a pretty goofy expression that I thought would fit the story, and went along perfectly with the Mort Drucker style Dave ended up using.

“For the background, my idea was to do a starfield with a Curt Swan-era Superman/Superboy-type time tunnel, segmented with various dates inside each ring (the story covers about a 14-year time period).  In each ring, would be my head and Cerebus’ head (my look has changed a lot over the course of the years, as has Cerebus’).

“I guess Dave liked the idea, because he drew most of the time rings himself, and, instead of Cerebus, he drew himself in 3 different time periods.  About the only thing he left for me to do was to draw various me’s inside the time rings, and some smaller Daves receding into the distance.  The late-1990’s Dave that he drew is especially hilarious, with his sunglasses and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

“Apparently, present-day Dave has shaved his head—I gave him some ribbing in a phone message that, with his glasses and shaved head, he now looks like the Dalai Lama.

“Though he didn’t use my idea for the Cerebuses inside the time rings, he did draw him on the cover—‘What could be worse than Cerebus in chains?’  It was quite a blast to get to color Cerebus as drawn by Dave; I haven’t had a chance to do that since I did the cover of Awakening Comics #2 back in 1997.”

This comic also includes the 12-page Blink story, “In Between MINDS” by Max Ink, in which two of Max’s BLINK characters meet up with Cerebus during his sojourn on Pluto.

This issue is signed by all of its contributors— Dave Sim, Steve Peters, Max Ink, Elizabeth Bardawill, Oliver Simonsen, Matt Dow, Jeff Seiler, and Jeff Tundis.  It is limited to 150 copies.

PLEASE NOTE that the signatures of Dave Sim, Elizabeth Bardawill, Oliver Simonsen, and Matt Dow were done on adhesive labels and applied to the signature page (this was Mr. Sim’s idea for saving on the shipping cost of mailing the copies to the various contributors to be signed).

Publisher: Effing Magnifier Pub.
Published: April 2009
8 1/2″ X 11″ Format.
Cover by Dave Sim and Steve Peters.

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