Chemistry Soundtrack CD

Recording artist Steve Peters says: “The CHEMISTRY Soundtrack CD will be of interest to fans of progressive rock, of the band YES, and particularly the Steve Howe and Chris Squire lineup.  My voice doesn’t sound like Jon Anderson’s, but Howe and Squire and YES have been a HUGE influence on my guitar and bass playing, and YES has been “a way of life” for me for many years (my company’s name, Awakening Comics, was named after my favorite YES song).  I have a Rickenbacker 4001 bass which I played on every track.  The best description I can come up with for my sound is Yes songs as if recorded by ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic or They Might Be Giants!  Stange mix, I know.”

The CD is the soundtrack CD for Peters’ CHEMISTRY comic book.  The CHEMISTRY comic and CD combo won the 2006 Day Prize, which was awarded at the SPACE comic convention in Columbus, Ohio.  The CD has 7 tracks and is about 58 mintues long.

The titles of the songs on the CD are the same as the titles of the chapters in the CHEMISTRY comic book.  The mood and feel of the songs reflect the events that take place in its corresponding comic book chapter.  It isn’t necessary to read the comic to enjoy the songs on the CD, but if you get both it’ll give you a unique multimedia experience!

The songs, like the story in the comic book, depict a relationship in reverse chronological order, from the heavy, dark breakup song to the happy valentine surprise song.  Of course, you can always hear the actual course of events by programming the songs to play in the opposide order!  Two of the tracks were co-written by Bianca Alu, who collaborates with Steve on The Comicverse, and three were co-written by David Nowell, co-creator of Rabbit Hell comics.  “Goodbye” features a rap by recording artist Paul Elliott.

When the CD first came out, 75% of the proceeds from its sales went to the victims of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami disaster via the Red Cross.  The Red Cross is no longer taking donations for the tsunami victims, but 75% of this auction will go to the Red Cross for other purposes.
Tracks on the CD are as follows:

1. Goodbye
2. Almost Over
3. Savor It
4. First Kiss
5. Intoxicated
6. Very Wary
7. Valentine

Chemistry Soundtrack CD
By Steve Peters, with Paul Elliott, William Pompilii, David Nowell, Nils Odhner, and Steve Schwegler.
$5.00, 7 songs, 58 minutes.

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