How To Order

You can find a list of available comics, along with their prices, on the CATALOG page.

Please add $3.50 for 1-5 items, or $5.00 for 6 or more items, for orders shipping in the United States.  For shipping rates outside the United States, let us know what items you are interested in and we’ll send a shipping quote.

Paypal ID is

Make checks (U.S. currency only) or money orders (buyers outside the U.S. please use international money orders) out to Steven Peters.  Cash well-concealed in an envelope is accepted (buyer sends at own risk).  Mail to: Steven Peters/28 Twin Brooks Drive/Willow Grove, PA/19090/ USA

Every purchase of $5.00 or more receives a free sketch.  Let me, Steve Peters, know if there’s anything in particular you want on it (right now I’m working on an ongoing story in my SKETCH CARD COMIC, so whatever you request will probably be incorporated into the story).  See my Awakening Masterpieces #2 for other examples of free sketches.

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Publisher of Awakening Comics.
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