Everwinds: ‘Shrooms

In EVERWINDS: ‘SHROOMS, reprinting Everwinds #2 and #3, our heroes eat some strange mushrooms which cause them to go on a shamanic vision quest.  When Fur Face the shaman’s spirit is captured by an evil cybershaman, it’s up his fox spirit companion to travel to the underworld to try and get him back.

The storyline of EVERWINDS: ‘SHROOMS includes a 1-page jam with Dave Sim highlighting his character the Judge from his amazing comic, Cerebus.  In one panel, he even drew the Judge morphing into the elk character, Wapiti, which was quite a trip for creator Steve Peters!

Says Peters: “The book also features an appearance of the classic character Arzach that I asked Moebius to draw for me at a comic book convention in New York.  It’s not quite as involved as the Sim jam; he just doodled a quick sketch of Arzach riding his pterodactyl and that was it, but it is a part of the story.  I was actually pretty impressed with how he did it; it was like he went into a little trance and it just flew off his pen, no pencils, no frills.”

Finally, there’s an appearance of Muktuk Wolfsbreath: Hardboiled Shaman, also done at a convention, drawn by his creator, Terry LaBan.

48 pages, B&W.
Published by Awakening Comics, written and drawn by Steve Peters.
Original cover price $3.99, released in 2006.

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