Awakening Comics #4

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Awakening Comics #4 is B&W, 24 pages long, cover price $2.95, came out in 1998, and was published by Steve Peters.

This is a “flip-book” that can also be read from cover to cover no matter where the reader begins because of an unprecedented flip in the  middle of the book. This “interactive” comic book is designed to  explore and challenge the comic book industry’s impressions of time and storytelling technique in the comic medium.

Dealing with the repercussions of The Everwinds Awakening War, the Everwinds guardians are faced with a surreal cosmic winter, amnesia, and unexplained footprints in the snow. In order to solve the riddle of the footprints and the temporal anomalies surrounding them, our heroes call on Melvin G. Moose, Discreet Investigator (the creation of Peters’ brother, Jeff, who collaborated on this issue).

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