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Says creator Steve Peters: “The cover of Awakening Comics 2001 was a juxtaposition of two things: imagery from Stanley Kubrick’s film 2001: A Space Odyssey, based on Arthur C. Clarke’s book, and the events of September 11th.  I didn’t want anyone to think I was making light of those tragic events, so I included a broken heart and the words “9/11: Never Forget” in the corner.  As of Feb. 2011, I have yet to receive any comment on this cover; I’m not sure if anyone ever “got” what I was trying to say.  In 2001, Clarke wrote about a strange black slab, the Monolith, which appears and transforms human history, human evolution itself.

“Clarke foresaw that in 2001 an event of tremendous magnitude would have a profound impact upon society, when the Monolith appears and mankind realizes its implications.  In real life, that took the form of 9/11.  On my cover, Bel and Elephant Boy from the Rabbit Hell comics are wearing the suits from 2001, behind them are the smoking Twin Towers reflected in the black Monolith.

“The inside is lighter, with a 5-page Doctor Dream and the Dream Team story about the Origin of Sparky co-created by longtime Awakening  collaborator David Nowell.  More origin stories follow, drawn by  students in my cartooning class.  There is a jam with James Heimer, a former student who by then was attending art school.  On the back cover, another jam done at the 2001 SPACE Convention in Columbus, Ohio.   It features me, CD Regan, Sean Bieri, Matt Feazell, Kevin Huizenga and John Porcellino, and Alex Robinson.  Much of the material in this issue eventually ended up in The Origin Of Sparky.”

16 page mini-comic, B&W
By Steve Peters and various creators.
$1.00, Released in 2001.

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