Awakening Comics #2

Awakening Comics #2 Cover.

Awakening Comics #2 is 48-pages,  cover price $3.50, and was published by  Steve Peters.  It came out in 1997.

This comic features two jam pages with Dave Sim featuring Cerebus the Aardvark.  Dave’s collaborator Gerhard contributed to them, too; just a tiny figure in the first one, and a background in one of the panels of the second one.

Find out what happens to Cerebus AFTER his death in Cerebus #300!!!!

It also has a jam page with James Kochalka and Silly Daddy artist Joe Chiappetta.

Sammy the Superhamster has doubts about the return of his creator. The  author remembers a childhood incident at the beach involving a  jellyfish. More exploration of the afterworld of the Tibetan Book of  the Dead, this time with Tibetan gods created by children (students in  Steve’s cartooning class). A foray into the surreal world of Doctor  Dream. Bel the Cartoon Messiah begins to create a religion for the  ‘toon hell dwellers.

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