Awakening Comics #1

Awakening Comics #1 Cover.

It’s 48-pages, B&W with a cover price of $3.50, and was published by me, Steve Peters.

Winner of a 1996 Xeric Grant, it’s six tales of cosmic adventure served with a  smile. A hindu dies and experiences the afterworld mythologies of two different cultures. The author revisits his childhood home through  dreamwork. The lives of two former fantasy role-playing gamers are  contrasted with those of their characters, now long-forgotten and  neglected. A Generation X’er finds himself teleported into a magical  circus—the Circus of Heaven. A group of super-children, the Super Squad, encounter a strange robot from an alternate dimension. Bel the  dog proclaims himself the savior of cartoon hell.

Plus: A “jam” comic with one-panel guest appearances by Dave Sim , Paul Pope , Mark Oakley , Matt Feazell , Scott  Roberts , Steve Remen , Greg Hyland , Joe Chiappetta , Rick Veitch , James  Kochalka , Sam Henderson , Oscar Stern , Rob Walton , Jim Gownley , and two  “mystery artists.”

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