Awakening Comics #3: The Everwinds Awakening War

Awakening Comics #3: The Everwinds Awakening War is B&W, 32 pages long, and had a cover price of $2.95, and was published by  Steve Peters.  Peters wrote and drew it; his brother, Jeff Peters co-plotted it, and longtime collaborator David Nowell did some art for it.

Ragnarok ‘n’ roll!  Realities collide in a cosmic continuity crisis when  an interdimensional rift rips through the Everwinds.  A blazing battle  with babes, ‘bots, and bad guys.  Lots of exploration of apolcalytic  imagery from various cultures.

Creator Steve says: “Since this issue was all about the End Of The World, I thought it only fitting to do an homage cover in the style of Alex Ross’ beautiful work on Kingdom Come.  I only wish I had the skills I have today when I did it; I could’ve done it so much better!

“This is the first comic I published after my Amaze Ink series Everwinds was cancelled; in this issue the Everwinds reality is incorporated into Awakening Comics.”

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